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A Look Forward…

It is the year 2020, a year that seemed so far away when I was in highschool in the early 2000s. What will I even be doing by 2020, I used to think then? Honestly, much of the future was unfathomable. Yet for this last article of the Sndbox incubator we are asked to answer this question in relation to the cryptocurrency world.

2020 Vision

Even this time last year I would have no context for my place within the cryptocurrency world, yet after a short year of high level involvement in the Steem blockchain I have some goals and aspirations that I would like to share with you into the future.



Last week @sagescrub released the Steem blockchain based @homesteaderscoop at and we have listed a few of our homestead goods there.

Homesteader’s Co-op

By 2020, I want to see dozens of homesteaders with rich and lively quality artisanal shops and a booming consumer base using SBDs to purchase these goods and promote sustainable products. For a long time, people have wondered What can I do with my Steem or SBD? With community initiatives like @homesteaderscoop, people have an opportunity to use their liquid SBD earnings to purchase coveted items, ones that enhance their life whether through beauty, medicine, or other practical usage.

For our shop @mountainjewel on the Co-op, I would like to see a thriving business selling many products for SBD and, through this avenue, bringing value to the Steem currency while also providing an inspiration for people to join the blockchain to participate in the cryptocurrency economy. Producing goods in an ecological manner becomes even more aligned when we can leverage a decentralized economy and lessen our dependence on a centralized system.

It’s an amazing thing to bring the grounded earthiness of our homestead and the land on which we live to the peak and cutting edge of the technologically advanced cryptocurrency world. On our off grid homestead we seek to optimize our operations, and exchanging our goods outside of the fiat systems resonates deeply with us.



Natural Medicine

The @naturalmedicine community is one of the best communities on the blockchain. We have a global thriving user base sharing practical and valuable information concerning natural medicine. We host weekly initiatives, act as an archive for knowledge, and incentivize the sharing of natural wisdom that is modern and timeless. We also educate and inspire the community to take part in using up and coming dApps, most recently @DTube.

By 2020, I want to see hundreds more members in this community where we are known for our high standards of information sharing, our joy and love of spending time together and have dozens of people taking part in our weekly contests.

It is the community hubs which add strength and resilience on the blockchain. They incentivize the sharing of valuable information and provide a home-base for people who swim in this great ocean of Steem. It is in these communities that we can all thrive by supporting each together. We are already having a fantastic time in the @naturalmedicine community, and I hope to attract more people with noteworthy and precious wisdom to share concerning healing modalities, herbalism, yoga, consciousness, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, body-mind sciences and more as a part of our community.



Apps + dApps

This year one of the most exciting things about being a part of Steem has been the many dApps that have entered into the space, hit the ground running, and continued developing unto new heights. By 2020, I see myself continuing my involvement in many of these spheres and being an active member, helping in the onboarding of many new users.

Before this year I was, like many, using social media sites like Facebook and Instagram with gusto. As 2018 progressed, I found myself waning in my involvement or motivation to use these sites. Especially after the data breach on Facebook and when Facebook took ownership over Instagram. I felt like my rights were violated. I could no longer use the social media sites in the privacy and joy of autonomy and personal control.

This year I have loved not only replacing my use of Facebook and Instagram with the many up and coming dApps of the Steem blockchain, but also gaining a new appreciation and love for being an early adopter in a new space. I have been a part of the beta testing of many of these, such as Appics, Actifit, DTube, DSound, and more. User Interfaces such as, and the Partiko IOS app have completely shifted my use of the blockchain and social media.

Into 2020, I see myself continuing to use many of these dApps. I hope to be a DTube Star and continue upping my vlogging game, bringing DFood to the blockchain and onboarding and encouraging many more homesteaders and permaculturists to join the community. I hope to have also successfully invited dozens of people to join Appics, my favorite Instagram-esque dApp so far being developed on the blockchain. I love sharing little snipits of my life in a simple format like that and I want to be an active part of that community. I also plan to have a lot more Steem powered up and Tokens from many of these communities in my wallet. I have a goal to be an influential mover within the Steem blockchain so that I can more easily onboard and support new users.

It’s a very exciting time to be a part of the cryptocurrency world. Thought I write this on one of the “bloodiest” days of the years as Bitcoin, Steem, and other cryptocurrencies lose +10%, I believe the blockchain and cryptocurrency space is more energized than ever. This especially goes for the Steem blockchain. I see no other community and user base with as much potential and future than this space. I will definitely continue to be a part of it.

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