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Looking Forward to the Year 2020

I am very optimistic about the future for both blockchain and cryptocurrency. I believe that that blockchain technology itself has amazing capabilities for solving many of the problems in our society today, specifically with centralized systems and infrastructure. I believe that we have already started making the transition over to digital currency from fiat currency, further elaborated in this article.


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This scenario is actually replicating the introduction of the internet in past times of society, where it was very poorly received at first. People are surprisingly conservative at heart, where at most, they are afraid of change because they so used to the existing system of fiat currency. With 96% of the world’s currency being represented as digital currency, people need to soften up to these changes slowly.

Exposure to blockchain and cryptocurrency is also something that needs to become a smooth transition, as another reason for cryptocurrency’s slow adaptation, as many people know of Bitcoin, but do not know that there are thousands of other cryptocurrencies with a myriad of other uses, in addition to just proof of work.

Where do I see myself in the cryptocurrency world during this time?

I am still in the midst of doing this thesis proposal for my final year at Carnegie Mellon University through the School of Architecture, but I intend on further developing this thesis even after graduation. I was recently approached by a literacy company that took interest in my thesis proposal, and asked if I had any thoughts on turning my research into a publication in the near future.



Through this constant development of my thesis proposal, I plan on incorporating the idea of blockchain technology in a unified Korean society, and how it can interweave the digital and physical realm for facilitating a unification process between the two countries. When we think about the year 2020, both the Korean unification process and the state of blockchain in mainstream society will have drastically changed for the better.

Using Steemit as a platform, I will continue on updating the Steemit community on updates regarding my thesis proposal, and continue to establish connections with the blockchain community, as I’ve decided to invest into blockchain for the long-run in hopes of a bright future for the crypto world.

What are my goals?

In terms of community initiative, I plan on utilizing the Steemit platform to further develop my thesis proposal, and incorporate the aspects of blockchain technology into further revisions of my thesis. A big problem with trying to incorporate it right now is that I tried to include too many components to my proposal, with blockchain technology as a possible infrastructure being one of those components.

In order to advance my proposal for the sake of an architectural project thesis proposal and as a singular cohesive framework, I left out the part about blockchain for future development post-graduation. This is great in that I have established goals that I set for myself in the future that I can strive towards, figuring out what the building blocks are in the process.

Steemit along with WordPress will be my primary outlet for building the foundations of my research development on my website. Even after the Cohort is over, I plan on utilizing this opportunity as a launching pad to take my proposal to further heights. I look forward to further developing my thesis proposal and meet the expectations of the community.

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