Hello guys!

I would like to introduce myself with a few bullet points of my milestones here on Steemit. I know we are not our milestones, we are how we behave with other people but I thought maybe some of you already know me, so perhaps a little timeline of my Steem life sounds more appealing to read 🙂

  • Joined Steemit in May 2017
  • Blogged about adventure traveling and made a name for myself. Got enough post rewards to travel only by Steem earnings and blogged about it for 5 months until November.
  • Hitchhiked to Steem Fest in November with almost no money and most of the attendees knew me already when I arrived because some of the hitchhiking posts I made trended on the #steemfest tag. Met some great people and got a huge delegation from @blocktrades.
  • Kept writing about adventure traveling until this day.
  • From December 2017 grew from 3.5k followers to 11,000.

  • Since January 2018 I organized a few contests with at least 5,000k USD in prizes (total). These contests varied from making DTube videos, Dlive videos, freewriting, photography etc. More than 5k Steemians have gotten involved in my contests.
  • With my Steem Power I’ve supported more than 20 Steem projects / communities so far and helped people grow and make a name for themselves (giving back all the support I got).
  • I’m head of the anti plagiarism and abuse project @lince for the Spanish community since September 2017.

  • Part of @sndbox cohort 1.
  • Co- leader of the Sndbox summer camp.
  • Currently I’m a Sndbox ambassador.
  • Started as curator of @ocd. Now I’m vital part of the curation project.


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