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A New DApp Proposal for @SteemXP

@SteemXP is a community-based initiative on the Steem blockchain with a goal of on-boarding social media users in Southeast Asia. There are several goals of engagement that we are working on to ensure that our objective is achieved, these are as follows;

  1. Creating SteemXP Chapter Manager In every city in Southeast Asia nation. Each Chapter Manager role is to engage, empower, inspire and educate their local to get onboard Steem Blockchain through meetups, organizing steemit projects & blockchain related events, Steemit Bootcamp and Steemit Masterclass.
  2. Set up a Southeast Asia Curation Guild
  3. Create an Online Store for Steem Merchandise
  4. To come up with a website that encourages content creation, dialogue through posting and a platform that helps out with curating and rewarding good content on topics that matter in the southeast Asia region.

To simplify, a Netizen Independent NewsPress for the Southeast Asia Region.

Goals for Number 4: Idea + Concept

While all this is still at the ideation stage, I came up with a simple mockup since I am terrible at design to better illustrate what I have in mind. Yes, over time there will be changes on the design once completed however the goal would remain the same.

The concept and design are inspired by the success of Steemhunt, nevertheless, there will be lots of tweaking since the content is entirely different. Since Steemhunt is placed as open source, we don’t really need to invent a new wheel however we will need to customize the wheel to suit our needs.

One thing for sure, our community really need a developer/programmers to help us out, so if you are one and would love to be part of this project, do get in contact with me.

How SteemXP Would Work

  1. It will pull in the news feed from Reuters and other credible local credible news that matters.
  2. Click on the newsfeed that interests them and read them on our website
  3. They could then do a follow up to write up about the news and give an update, or add additional insights as a follow up a post that links back to their own account as a new post.
  4. Users can rank which news feed that matters and which follow up post or new post that is better place at higher ranks based on a voting system as authors will be rewarded by upvote on a 24 hours cycle.
  5. We encourage users to write an original new post, an original new post will be given better upvotes. This will encourage independent journalist /news bloggers in this region to post on our website.
  6. There will be a variety of topics that will be of interest to readers i.e. politics, entertainment, finance, education, sports, health, business etc.

Sample Mockup of the Interface

Screenshot from 2018-09-19 03-14-22.png

Illustration of Website Front Page.

Screenshot from 2018-09-19 04-21-42.png

Illustrating the follow up post on a news press / add new post.

Screenshot from 2018-09-19 04-50-19.png

Illustrating the ranking post for featured / new post / follow up post.

The idea of this website is to eventually have it on as a mobile app too, a decentralized people’s news press on Steem blockchain for the Southeast Asia Community. With this brief concept on our project and with hopes to realize this project, we hope to get support or perhaps collaboration with other initiatives in Steem blockchain, such as @sndbox@fundition @utopian-io @promo-steem.

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