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Many of us can agree that Steemit has some weaknesses, especially in its interface given its limited ability to filter content in a customized way for the user, for example, much has been said about the lack of functionality of the trending page, where the most rewarding posts are shown, then instead of finding the most appreciated content by the community we usually find content with money invested to be advertised through votes selling bots, this content most of the time has little or no relevance and quality for the readers.

About 5 months ago I started thinking about all the possibilities that SMT’s would offer us, one of them and the most remarkable is the possibility of solving problems that today we see in the platform, because we will be able to build our own TOKEN within the STEEM blockchain, with its own way of distributing among curators and creators, all of this on top of a DAPP that can work as a content board, just like another webpage as busydtubeutopian, and so on.

What I see here is the mutation of STEEM and the development of much of its potential… Because user empowerment is taken to a much more sophisticated level where there will be different DAPP’s initiatives aimed at the growth of the blockchain through the subjective evaluation of the produced content by its communities.

Imagine different content boards using the Steem blockchain, similar to twitter, facebook, instagram. Imagine the revolution it would achieve on the internet and its users. If I am offered to participate in a twitter-like page where I can be rewarded for posting, I would prefer it a thousand times, and I would invite everyone I know to join me.

I hope that this will serve as an introduction to what I will describe below.

Welcome to “Exploring the Blockchain”

Create a proposal for your own App! Develop a mockup of a Decentralized Application catered towards your own trade / practice / profession. What might that look like? How would it work?

A content board for art and culture from all around the world

8 months ago I started @celfmagazine with some friends from the art college, one of the reasons I decided to start it’s because I saw a lot of long-term potential on STEEM and its community. But mainly because we noticed that there was a lot of effort to do to grow specific segments of the community, so, being mostly students of art, music, and film, we decided to start a curation project and digital magazine for art and culture.

Having spent all this time curating content and discovering exceptional artists, I am confident that @celfmagazine can become an SMT that would add value to the STEEM blockchain.

What might that look like?

It should be an attractive, minimalist and user-friendly web interface, where the attention of the viewer should be directed to the most important thing, the content, and it would be incredible to be able to integrate a menu that can filter the content by artistic disciplines:

  • Music
  • Visual arts and plastic arts
  • Performing arts (dance, theater, etc)
  • Literature
  • Education?
  • A section for another art and culture-related projects?

And I think it would also be important to include a trending section

How would it work?

Fundamentally, as a content filter that works thanks to the @celfmagazine curation that becomes a sort of a decentralized content board of art and culture, since the main criteria for the content to appear in the @celfmagazine‘s trending will be attached mainly to the following condition: 1) It should receive an upvote from @celfmagazine.

There will be other conditions to accomplish if the author wants their post to appear in the DAPP, but not in the trending unless we, @celfmagazine, upvote their post: 2) The posts must be published from the DAPP. 3) It should contain the tag #celfmagazine.

As you can see, condition 1) will be more important than conditions 2) and 3), since in case of condition 1) being met, 2) and 3) will not be necessary, in other words, posts that are published from other DAPPs on STEEM can be exhibited at @celfmagazine‘s trending if they receive our upvote.

And if conditions 2) and 3) are accomplished but not condition 1), then the posts will not be exhibited in our trending, and here we can introduce a new condition: 4) Account names belonging to a whitelist. This whitelist may work for authors and curators too, for example, if we have a prominent author and he/she publish their post, it will appear in the trending section, or maybe another section of the website, without needing our upvote.

A curators whitelist will be needed to decentralize the functionality of the DAPP, what I mean is, if the only way to appear in the trending section is our upvote, I think it’s not really a decentralized content board, even if we have a large and diversified group of curators.

So, the majority of the posts exhibited in our DAPP will receive rewards in STEEM and in our @celfmagazine‘s SMT (celf? celfcoin?).

Community + Curation

One of the most important thing about this DAPP is that part of the fuel of its SMT would be the human element of curation and subjective appreciation of the content by individuals with specialized knowledge, if we as @celfmagazine get an SP delegation for creating this DAPP and SMT, we can manage to accomplish what we really want, to create a perfect environment for the artists to grow within the STEEM blockchain, being rewarded and provided with feedback for creating and sharing their creations.

Join the conversation

This is a very raw idea of what the end result might be. I would like to know your comments, so I invite you to share your thoughts in the comment section. Thanks 🙂

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