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The House of Horror – Collab of the Gabys!

This month in the Sndbox – we were asked us to explore a collaboration post with another Steemian. And the first person to come to mind was @gabriellecd. I love her stories, and she’s a Gaby too. So, nothing could go wrong teaming up the Gabys!

The #cryptocollab could be anything, an art project, story or even an app idea. Gaby’s idea was that she would develop a science-fiction story and I would add original photography to it. And since it was the month of Halloween, we decided to make it a horror story.

I remember her asking me what type of story we should create. My guidelines were pretty much simple….“just please don’t make anything about aliens or dragons, don’t have a lot of those around to photograph.” I told her to keep it simple and “realistic” so I could photograph something of my style. And well, documenting is what I like to do the most.



Setting the Scene in Black and White

After reading her story, It was obvious It had to be done in black and white, and since it’s about some old photos, it was kind of fun to add some scratch and noise overlays to the photos to make them look old.

It was a challenge I have to be honest. But I think at the end it all came out pretty good and I enjoyed all the backstage of it. Gabrielle is an awesome girl, and her stories are great. It was an honour and pleasure to be part of her blog for a short while.

I am thinking of doing something like this again! Two minds are always better than one! Thanks again sndbox for challenging us to think outside the box.



The old lady is not dead, and the house is not haunted. Hahahaha. She was actually very sweet and lend me her house while it was raining. It was all kind of an accident. But it came out perfect for the story.

Read the whole story – here!


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